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Teddy Lupin was a Hufflepuff like his mother.

You sure he was a Hufflepuff? I think he was a Gryffindor.

jk rowling has never announced anything about it, but a lot of people think he was in hufflepuff because of tonks, or gryffindor because of lupin


Personally I think he was a Ravenclaw because if you think about it, Tonks was smart enough to be an Auror and Remus was a very bookish, clever kind of person. Combine those two and you've got a Ravenclaw, born and bred. Then again Ravenclaws obey the rules. Tonks was said to have been a likeable person but she liked to party. Remus was a Prefect but he was also a Marauderer and it was said that he never really enforced the rules around James, Peter and Sirius for fear of losing them.

On the other hand, he could have been a Slytherin as he is related to the Blacks through his grandmother: Andromada Tonks (neé: Black) who was Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix LeStrange's sister.

I doubt that Teddy would be a Hufflepuff as Hufflepuff's are often happy-go lucky people and I don't think that Teddy would be like that as he would have to had delt with the fact that his parents died and that he never could speak to them or get to know them. I believe that he would be like Harry just without the OMGLordVoldemortisgatheringahugearmytotakeovertheworld! And the angst. He would have angst just not as much as Harry. Neville-sized angst lets say.

He could be a Gryffindor I guess. I only say this because I have nothing to argue against it.


Phoenix_Potter: I reckon he'd have been a Hufflepuff. Not all Hufflepuffs are 'happy-go-lucky' as you put it. I think he would have taken after Tonks, I mean he was a metamorphmagus like her and not a werewolf. On the other hand, you could say that because of this, he'd have taken after Lupin. 

Ginnyweasleysbiggestfan writes here

Yes but why about Sirius Black all his family was in Slytherin and he wasn't

From ginnyweasleysbiggestfan

he is in gryffinpuff.

Teddy is a Hufflepuf. JK Rowling SAID so herself on TWITTER and it is ALSO on the Wiki

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