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"I open at the close"

I open at the close means that I open at the end (death). That is why the Snitch broke open for Harry (Harry believed he was going to die).

Hope that answers the question :)

I actually think that i open at the closing means that the last battle of hogwarts was at the exact same moment as the release of the first book. the battle of hogwarts was in 1997. i can prove that by the date that Nicolas Flamel was born and the fact that he celebrated his 500th anniversary in the first book. The first book was published at the 26th of July in 1997. so that's why it is i open at the close, the first book was opened while the battle of hogwarts was fought. The only problem with this is that the Battle was on the seventh of May.

Actually, the dude above is wrong. The 1st person is correct, by stating that the Snitch only opens when Harry knew he was about to die. The 'close' was death.

Also the Battle of Hogwarts took place in 1998, not 1997. And Nicolas Flamel and Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington are totally different people.

I agree the first person is correct. Also Second person Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington celebrated his 500th Deathday in Harry's second year meaning the second book. Nicholas Flamel was over 600 years old. The Battle of Hogwarts was May 2 1998 not July 26 1997.

The first person is correct, actually in the seventh book in the chapter named "King's Cross" Dumbledore explains that to Harry (I think :P)

"I open at the close" is engraved on the Snitch - it only appears after Harry has touched it to his mouth. It means that the Snitch will open when Harry is about to die. He speaks to it - "I am about to die" and it opens, revealing the Resurection Stone.

Also, in another perspective, J.K Rowling had her first book published in 1998, the year of the final battle. 'I open at the close.' As in, it begins at the same time the last book is complete.

The first Harry Potter book was published in 1997, not 1998 and moreover it's not another perspective as the point you have brought up was mentioned earlier, most likely by you.

Btw the first book(PS) was published in 1999 by bloomsbery.

No, the first book was not published in 1999, as others have said before the first book was published in 1997. I have a copy here and it says: 'First published in Great Britain in 1997 by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 50 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3DP'. It also says: 'Copyright © J.K. Rowling 1997'. Thus it was first published in 1997. As for the first person who says I actually think it means that the last battle was at the same time as the book was published, that's not possible because the dates don't match up as has been said, but also because the publishing of the first book has nothing to do with the story and thus has no meaning to Harry. Why would something that is only a reference to her first book being published be on something as important as the snitch that Dumbledore left for Harry.

If person #2 is right then it didn't necessarily have to be something for Harry to figure out or find important. It could have just been something thrown into the mix of things for the sake of it. That is, if person #2 had been right, because it's already been established that they weren't

I agree with the first person. 'I open at the close' means that Harry thought he was going to die, so therfore, the Snitch opened revealing what Dumbledore had actually left him - the Ressurection Stone.

Those saying that that the first book was published in 1998 are correct as well. It was first published in America in 1998, although the Britain publication was 1997. This phrase has actually been put to the author for her opinion and it was discovered that she had meant it to mean death and only later noticed the publication throwback.

Actually, the reason the snitch opens for Harry when he put it to his mouth is because that's how he first caught it; in his mouth.