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Strongest love potion in the world? That's easy! It's a mixture of loving kindness and respect! This powerful mixture has seduced far more females than anything you'll ever find in a bottle! ;)

Treat her as a person, not as an object for seduction. Explore who she is, her dreams, her fears, her needs and desires, her thoughts, her feelings. Find out the things that make her laugh. Help her in her struggles to cope with her daily life. Believe me, you won't find a better love potion than that!

Is she worth every effort you can make, along these lines? If she isn't, then you're with the wrong woman, and you should find one who *is* worth every effort you can make.

      • The in-universe answer to this question is Amortentia.***
    • Ron Weasley is not fucking hot!
      Ron in love EXTENDED HD VERSION!01:09

      Ron in love EXTENDED HD VERSION!

      Ron is in love!!


      Ron under the influence of Amortentia

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