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He did what's your point

When Harry came to in the Forbidden Forest, he remained still, realizing that Voldemort too had gone unconscious for a short period of time. He played dead until he could find a way to take action. He wanted to kill the Horcrux Nagini. As it was, Narcissa Malfoy, sent to check vital signs, was only interested in saving her son, Draco. After Harry whispered 'yes' to her question about whether Draco was alive and in the castle, she told them Harry was dead. Luckily, Voldemort wanting to take Harry's body up to the castle to prove his death, chose to have the captive Hagrid carry him. When Neville challenged Voldemort and Voldemort tried to burn Neville under the Sorting Hat, Harry took action to save Neville at the same time that Neville took action to kill Nagini with the Sword of Gryffindor that had appeared in the Sorting Hat. At that point, the battle began again and Harry joined the battle. All of a sudden Hagrid realized that Harry's body was missing and he shouted,"Harry...Where's Harry?"

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