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  • This page has all the known patronuses. Note that patronuses can take the same form of a patronus of another wizard's if they truly love them or something important has happened in their life (Snape>>Lily/ Tonks>>Lupin)​

Harry Potter - Stag (same as James, his father)

Lily Potter - Doe

Sirius Black - dog (same as his animagus)

James Potter - Stag (same as his animagus)

Ronald Weasley - Jack Russell Terrier

Hermione Granger - Otter

Ginny Weasley - Horse

Seamus Finnegan - Fox

Albus Dumbledore - Phoenix

Aberforth Dumbledore - Goat

Kingsley Shacklebolt - Lynx

Luna Lovegood - Hare

Remus Lupin- Wolf

Nymphadora Tonks - Wolf (for Lupin) Previously Jack Rabbit

Ernie MacMillan - Boar

Severus Snape - Doe (for Lily)

Minerva McGonagall - Cat (same as her animagus)

Cho Chang - Swan

Dolores Umbridge - Cat

Andros the Invincible - Giant (or at least something the size of one)

Hedley Fleetwood - Woolly Mammoth

Illyuis - Mouse

Symposia Rawle - Ladybird

Samantha Seibert- Panda

Rita skeeter - Beetle (same as her animagus)

Arthur Weasley - Weasel

JK Rowling - Heron (Previously Pine Marten)