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-Severus Snape (overall, although he did have an unpleasant and unfair disposition and was once a Death Eater, but still ended up being loyal to the Order of the Phoenix and very brave and heroic) -Horace Slughorn (picked favorities and was slightly prejudice, but still liked many Muggle-borns, gave Harry his vital memory to defeat Voldemort, and fought against Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts) -Andromenda Tonks (may have been prejudice when younger, but this is not proven. We know she definetely wasn't as an adult, as she was disowned from the Blacks and married a Muggle-born. She was also helpful to the Order of the Phoenix indirectly.) -Regulas Black was good as he helped destroy a Horcrux. -Draco Malfoy refused to kill Albus. -All of the Malfoys are somewhat good, as the didn't fight in the final part of the Battle Of Hogwarts, and Narcissa saved Harry. -If Albus Severus was put in Slytherin (his initials were A.S.P. or Asp, a snake he would have been "good" (hopefully).

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