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Is there going to be any more potter books?

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JK said shes not saying she wontIn an interview with Oprah, JK Rowling said she could definetly write an 8th, 9th, and 10th book, and Oprah asked if she is would do so, and i believe JK replied with "im not saying i won't" (sorry, i forgot how the interview went, but it was somewhere along those lines)J K Rowling has said that she does not plan to write any more Potter books in the future, but that she never knows and might return to the wizarding world in several years. However, as the adventure is finished, it is implausible that any more storiies will be written. She may write more companion books to the series, like a Harry Potter encyclopedia, or a prequel. Not a story but there will be a HP there done well i don't so #REDIRECT Do you guy's know what a boggart looks like

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