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No because there is no such thing as voodoo or wizadry or any magic because God is the one you should believe in.

No. There is no such thing as magic, spells, or Seers. God made the world with no witches, wizards, or vampires!

No! I agree that God made the world. We shouldn't be superstitious. Its the 21st century.

Seriously why even ask Let's not bring religion in to it. We'll just say no.

YOU CAN BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE, if a bunch of girls believe a vampire guy is gonna save them why can´t you believe there is a magical world? I do, there´s magic everywhere

Scientifically, possibly. We could all be Muggles, and have no idea about the magic, but if we were to find out about it, our memories would be erased, so it may be possible that we have Wizards walking among us.

No... There is no such stupid thing called 'magic'.

Although there is no proof, there may have been wizardry in the past a concealed today. P.S. Magic is not stupid.

Harry Potter is PURELY a work of FICTION. There is NO such thing called magic. PS: JK Rowling doesn't believe in magic. :-)

Well of course she would say that, she had to keep her cover as a muggle.

HEY you guys have no right to tell people to belive in god or not to.besides believing in god is kind of superstitious no offense. so there might be magic but its unlikely.

Wistful thinking. Don't be naive.

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