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Yes, Harry's wand is very much real. It is a brother of the wand in which Lord Voldemort wielded. Harry's wand is 15in Phenoix feather, this feather was very rare, not only because the pheonix is one of the hardest mystical creatures to obtain, but also because it was the very feather of Professor Albus Dumbledore pet Pheonix, Fawkes. This wand also created a special affect when attacking it's brother called; Faraius Incantatum. Which means that it created a sort of shield and brought out the people of which the wand had killed. Another strange fact about Harry's wand is that it almost has a personality. When being attack during Flight Of the Potters, it created a spell on it's own and protected Harry from being killed. So yes; Harry's wand is very very real. :)

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