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Book opening: Cornelius Fudge, who was put out of office as Minister for Magic, visits the Muggle Prime Minister of Britain and tells him the going-ons at the Wizarding World. He then presents to the Muggle Prime Minister the newly appointed Minister for Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour.

Film opening: Bellatrix voice echoes: I killed Sirius Black!. Harry Potter stands on the Ministry of Magic Atrium, facing a wall of reporters photographing him and Dumbledore who stands on his side. Dumbledore puts a hand on Harry's shoulder and takes him away. Cut to the sky and the words Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince appear. Muggles on an office building at London stare at the dark clouds forming above the City. Suddently, a cloud takes the shape of a skull and three Death Eaters appear, flying surrounded by dark smoke. The Death Eaters fly among London streets, entering Diagon Alley, where they abduct Mr Ollivander, the wandmaker. Among confusion and panic on the wizard street, the Death Eaters fly again surrounded by smoke. On the Thames, the Millennium Bridge is crowded with unsuspecting Muggles. The Death Eaters appear behind St. Paul's Cathedral, flying towards the Bridge. They fly around the Bridge making it wobble and shake, making several Muggles hold to the Bridge's railings. Suddenly, the Death Eaters make the Bridge's cables snap. The Bridge swings dangerously, as Muggles run away for dear life. Then the Bridge starts buckling and twisting and breaks in two. As the bridge crashes into the Thames the Death Eaters fly away.

Video game opening: Bellatrix and Narcissa are heading to a small town. They enter a house and Bellatrix witness Severus Snape making the Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa. Cut to a Daily Prophet newspaper page. The photograph shows Mr Ollivander being kidnapped from his shop, while the headline reads OLLIVANDER MISSING. The newspaper closes and on the front page is the photo of the Millennium Bridge. The photo depicts a sudden explosion and the Bridge crumbling. The headline appears under the picture DEATH EATER ATTACK TARGETS MUGGLES. Then, the main headline is shown HARRY POTTER: THE CHOSEN ONE? as a picture of him on the Ministry of Magic Atrium with Dumbledore appears.

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