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No, this is a misconception. Many people belive this, however it is not true. In the second book Severus Snape tells Harry that "one drop, and even the Dark Lord would share his deepest secrets." Voldemort is an occlumens, but he would not be able to lie. Being able to perfrom occlemency has nothing to do with being able to lie when given veritaserum.

Occlumency and Veritaserum are quite different. In HBP, Albus P W B Dumbledore tells Harry J Potter that he could not force Horace E F Slughorn to give him the true Horcrux memory by using Veritaserum or Occlumency, as he's an Occlumens and he'd probably carry an antidote to Veritaserum ever since Dumbledore asked him for the memory. He didn't just say that Slughorn could use Occlumency against both Legilimency and Veritaserum; he said Slughorn would use Occlumency against Legilimency and an antidote against Veritaserum, meaning that the two things are pretty different.

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