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The list of deaths in the Seventh Book are extensive; in no particular order, the deaths include: - Igor Karkaroff (found in a shed with the Dark Mark above him) - An unnamed woman and her children (they were possibly related to the wand maker Gregorovich, who was also killed) - Gellert Grindelwald - Rufus Scrimegeour - Peter 'Wormtail' Pettigrew - Severus Snape - Hedwig (harry's owl) - Dobby (a free elf) - Fred Weasley - Colin Creevey - Remus Lupin - Nympahdora Tonks Lupin - Bathilda Bagshot - An unnamed Muggle family - Ted Tonks - Goblin named Gornuk - Bellatrix Lestrange - Charity Burbage (Muggle Studies Teacher) - Mad-Eye Moody - Dirk Cresswell - Voldemort - 50 unnamed fighters for Hogwarts (probably mostly of age students) - many Death Eaters - an unnamed Goblin, possibly Bogrod

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