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James Potter , Lily Potter , Quirinus Quirrell ,Cuthbert Binns ,Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington ,Perenelle Flamel , Nicolas Flamel , 'Moaning' Myrtle, Frank Bryce , Tom Riddle Sr. , Thomas Riddle , Mary Riddle, Bertha Jorkins ,Barty Crouch Sr. ,Mrs. Crouch ,Cedric Diggory,Sirius Black , Marlene McKinnon,Edgar Bones, Gideon Prewett ,Benjy Fenwick ,Fabian Prewett, Dorcas Meadowes ,Broderick Bode , Amelia Bones ,Emmeline Vance , Florean Fortescue ,Mrs. Abbott ,Merope Gaunt ,Igor Karkaroff, Hepzibah Smith , Montgomery ,Gibbon , Albus Dumbledore , Kendra Dumbledore , Ariana Dumbledore , Gellert Grindewald ,Charity Burbage ,Hedwig ,Mad-Eye Moody , Dobby ,Bellatrix Lestrange , Nymphadora Tonks , Remus Lupin , Rufus Scrimgeour ,Fred Weasley, Regulus Black , Gregorovitch ,Bathilda Bagshot ,The Grey Lady , The Bloody Baron , Ted Tonks , Dirk Cresswell, Gornuk , Peter Pettigrew ,Vincent Crabbe ,Colin Creevey , Severus Snape ,Nagini , Lord Voldemort .

Soo, as you have seen , a lot of people.

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