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That depends on if you mean the UK version or the US and if you mean all seven books. In either case, here is a break down of each.

In the UK version there are a total of 3407 pages in all seven books. First book: 223 pages. Second book: 251 pages. Third book: 317 pages. Fourth book: 636 pages. Fifth book: 766. Sixth book: 607 pages. Seventh book: 607 pages.

I don't know why myself, maybe it's the font size or over all book size, but in US version there are a total of 4100 pages in all seven books. First book: 309 pages. Second book: 341 pages. Third book: 435 pages. Fourth book: 743 pages. Fifth book: 870. Sixth book: 652 pages. Seventh book: 759 pages.

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