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Severus Snape was made part of the Order because he was really a spy for Dumbledore. Voldemort thought that Snape was working for him so he ordered Snape to "spy" on Dumbledore; get on Dumbledore's good side, make Dumbledore trust Snape. As it turns out, Snape was really on Dumbledore's side and was only passing on information that had been approved beforehand by Dumbledore to give to Voldemort. Snape let Voldemort think that he was a loyal Death Eater by telling him false or partial information that he knew. While Voldemort can sense if people are lying to him, Snape was undetectable because he was very advanced in Occlumency. So Snape was made part of the Order of the Phoenix under what Voldemort thought were his own orders so that Snape could feed him inside info on Dumbledore and the Order. Dumbledore wanted him to be part of the Order so that Snape could feed inside info about the Order to Voldemort as well, that way Voldemort would trust Snape and Snape could continue to feed inside info about the Death Eaters to Dumbledore. When Harry learned that Snape was on the light side the entire time, he was so grateful to his former potions master putting himself in such a dangerous position to help win the war that he named his second son after him. (Albus Severus Potter)

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