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Popular Harry Potter Series Character cast:

Harry Potter- Daniel Radcliffe Ron Weasley-Rupert Grint Hermione Granger-Emma Watson Cedric Diggory-Robert Pattinson Ginny Weasley-Bonnie Wright Severus Snape-Alan Rickman Albus Dumbledore-Micheal Gambon Minerva McGonagall-Maggie Smith Sirius Black-Gary Oldman Remus Lupin-David Thewlis Neville Longbottom-Matthew Lewis Lord Voldemort-Ralph Fiennes Bellatrix Lestrange-Helena Bonham Carter Draco Malfoy-Tom Felton Cho Chang-Katie Leung Luna Lovegood-Evanna Linch Molly Weasley-Julie Walters Fred Weasley-James Phelps George Weasley-Oliver Phelps

  If you want to see the full cast, just click on the link:

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