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Hand of Glory is a hand which gives light only to the beholder. It was purchased by Draco Malfoy in the Borgin and Burkes store. He used it to escape from the Room of Requirement after using Peruvian Darkness Powder. The Hand of Glory has a lot of traditions. Generally, it was a hand taken from an executed man, usually one who was hanged (and most often a murderer or other serious felon). The hand held, or was made into, a candle, traditionally made from the same man's fat. Hands of Glory were said to have various powers, including the ability to immobilize anyone within its light, or unlock any door it came across. Traditionally, the Hand of Glory was used when a thief was breaking into a building at night: the Hand would prevent any sleeper from awakening as long as it was lit. In some dark magical ceremonies, Hands of Glory were reputed to have been used as the source of illumination.

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