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Almost this whole answer is a spoiler...**SPOILER** Turns out, since the book is filled with notes made, making it seem like the Half-Blood Prince is very good at Potions. **SPOILER** I ask you this... Who is the Potions teacher at a remainder of the time while Harry is at School? That is the answer to who the Half-Blood Prince is...

The Half-blood Prince is Severus Snape. The book, due to its age, is probably a hand-me-down from his mother, Irma Snape (maiden name Prince). Snape had a talent with potions, and often came up with better ways to brew potions, either for greater ease, efficiency, or to counteract potential side effects. He also invented spells, many of which scribbled in the book as well.

It is presumed that the book was destroyed, after Harry hid it in the Room of Hidden Things (a form of the Room of Requirement) and the RoHT was subsequently ravaged a year later by fiendfire, cast by Vincent Crabbe

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