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The Marauder's Map is a magical document that reveals all of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Except The Room of Requirements,it show every classroom, every hallway, every corner of the castle, but it also shows every inch of the grounds, as well as all the secret passages that are hidden within its walls and the location of every person in the grounds. The Marauder's Map was created by Remus Lupin (Moony), Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail), Sirius Black (Padfoot), and James Potter (Prongs) while they were attending Hogwarts. The map was created between 1975 and 1978, because the titles on the map refer to these four men in their Animagus forms, and as for Remus Lupin in Werewolf form, respectively. This artifact proved quite useful to the foursome (commonly termed "the Marauders") through the years, though at some point Argus Filch confiscated it.Fred and George Weasley "nicked" the map from Filch's office in their first year at Hogwarts. They had to experiment with it in order to learn how to get it to work, but it gave them clues, "flickering into life here and there" when they came close to the activating phrase, until finally they got it exactly. In 1993, they gave the map to Harry Potter, so that he could go to Hogsmeade on the weekends, although he had not obtained a permission slip to do so from his guardians.

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