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Yes. Once in Half Blood Prince (that is said, anyway) when they win a Quidditch game she spontaneously kisses him in the Common room party in front of everybody, which starts their relationship (in the film, when they are hiding the Prince's potions book in the room of requirement she does it when he is closing his eyes while she hides it). They kiss again at the beginning of Deathly Hallows even though they are broken up because they obviously still have feelings for each other and he only broke up with her because he was afraid Voldemort would use her as a target if they went public, but she comes at him to "give him something to remember her by" when they're off Horcrux hunting, and as a birthday present, and he can't help himself, but Ron and Hermionie accidentally walk in and Ron is mad. They obviously kissed many more times as they are married (and when they were dating) and have three kids, but those are the only times clearly stated.

Ron threw Ginny's bedroom door open deliberately and forcefully. He asked Harry to leave Ginny alone.

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