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No, because in theory, he has been a Death Eater all along, ever since he was branded with the Dark Mark back in his youth. Although, in practice, his loyalties changed and he stopped actually working for the Death Eaters (and began simply pretending to work for them) when he asked Albus Dumbledore to protect Lily Evans, in exchange for (in his own words) "anything". After Lily died, he presumably remained working for Albus Dumbledore out of fidelity toward Lily and what she died for, although some things he is shown saying (for instance, when he says that in recent times the only deaths he had witnessed are those which he could not prevent from happening) might indicate that he actually became a better man as he aged.

It cannot be said that Severus Snape went back to working for the Death Eaters after that, because, first, he killed the already dying Albus Dumbledore on his request, and second, because even after Dumbledore's death, Snape continued carrying out the deeds asked of him by Dumbledore himself, thus remaining loyal to their agreement.

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