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Yes. J. K. Rowling herself said that throughout the years, Draco had grown feelings for Hermione, but she decided not to put them together due to the fact that the readers may not like it.

I'm not sure the above is true. Where is the proof? The Malfoys were pureblood fanatic, JKR wouldn't put the two together because it isn't possible. Could Draco find her physically attractive? Sure. But he finds her revolting so often and to so many people, its not plausible for him to overcome that. Even if he would admit he was saying things to hide his true emotions, he wished her dead multiple times, tried to get her expelled, and called her a mudblood every chance he got. Did he become a good guy at the end? No. He just did what he and and his family needed to do to survive, which was have Riddle defeated.

I totally agree with the poster above me. The first post doesn't make ANY sense. Everything Draco spat out of his mouth around Harry, Ron, and Hermione was either some (insert sarcasm here) "witty" comment about "Potter", "Weasley", or the "Mudblood" And if the first poster did his/her research, they would've found out that Rowling was going to kill off Ron by like the 5th book, but she didn't for Hermione's sake and everyone elses. If it was opposite day, then I would agree with you (first poster) So, no, I am sorry, Draco never had any feelings toward Hermione.

Uh, no. That's not possible. For most of Harry's school years, Harry and Draco were the James and Severus of their parents' generation. Basically, mortal enemies. Although, James and Snape were moreso because of Lily.

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