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My guess is "No, he did not." Think about these questions: What would have happened if Snape never told Voldemort about the prophecy? Would Snape have turned on Voldemort if Lily never bacame a target? Didn't Snape make it clear when he turned on Voldemort that he wanted Lily safe, but didn't care about her husband or child? The answers to these questions make it clear that if Snape never had feelings for Lily, than he would always have been a Death Eater. It seems to me like the only reason that he helped Harry is because he wanted to get revenge on Voldemort for killing Lily. Now, think about this question: What would Snape had done if he survived the war? He didn't seem to care for Harry when Harry saved the school from the Basilisk, when he found out that it was Barty Crouch Jr. who put Harry's name in the Goblet of Fire, or when Harry watched his godfather die, so why should he just suddenly care for Harry after Harry defeated Voldemort? If you ask me, he only cares for one person on the planet, and that's Lily Evens, not Harry Potter.

I think he came to care for Harry, in some tiny, grudging way that he was unwilling to admit to himself, let alone others. He probably wishes that Harry was HIS son with Lily, and his animosity towards James carried over to the son he fathered with the woman Snape loved. Harry was a manifestation of his hatred of, and jealousy for James, and of a life that could have been, if things had played out differently. Hatred because James was such a [censored] towards him in school, and envy because James ended up with Lily rather than himself.


A slight condridiction from the person above I think :/. Personally after re-reading all the books and the films, I'm confident that Snape did eventually "care" for him. Think about it, why would Snape show ALL those personal and intimate memories to someone he hated? He only needed to show Harry would have to die to defeat Voldermort. No, he showed them because he wanted him to understand "why" he had done what he had, why he had resented him (and James) from the beginning, Snape could never of truly hated Harry because he was the only thing left of his true love Lily. It was only at the end that he begrudginly admitted to himself, perhaps, maybe he had cared for the boy.

He didn't want Harry to hate him.

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