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If you mean two different wands at the same time, then yes. It happens a couple of times in Deathly Hallows. One of the trio (I think Ron, during the escape from Malfoy Manor) casts Stupefy (the stunning spell) and at the moment he's holding three wands. The result is a triple stun charge, the same as if three wizards had cast the spell individually. However, we're not told whether this holds true for all spells.

Or, do you mean two different wands, not necessarily both at the same time? Again, the answer is yes, and it happens several times in the series (mostly in Deathly Hallows). According to wandlore, pretty much any wizard can do magic with any wand. But since wands are semi-sentient, the more suitable match the wand and wizard are for each other, the more effective the magic will be. That's why Ollivander fusses so much over finding the right wand when wizards and witches come to his shop to buy a wand.

It also helps if a wand is captured because it will change its allegiance which makes it work better. After Harry captured Draco's hawthorn wand, he found it worked rather well for him.

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