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If I remember correctly, no wizard has ever even attempted to apparate to another continent, so it is highly unlikely that they could apparate to worlds outside of earth.

In book 7 Voldemort is in a foreign country to get the Elder Wand from Grindelwald when he is summoned by Bellatrix Lestrange to Malfoy Manor. After killing Grindelwald he flies over a dark and stormy sea before he is close enough to apparate. Therefore it seems that the apparation distance is limited

I think it would be possible yet highly risky and dangerous. The further away the destination is, the harder it is to apparate there. This may be why Voldemort chooses to fly international rather than apparate. Also, if you were to apparate into space you'd probably suffocate and die... unless you used a bubble head charm/spacesuit/etc.

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