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No because it isn't their secret to keep. If they told someone, that person could still look through the windows of the house and never find them. If the Secret Keeper should die however, like Dumbledore, then everyone he told the secret to then becomes the Keepers, but the more Keepers there are the more chance that someone will blab. I hope that helps =)

Actually, if one isn't the Secret Keeper, they are prevented from speaking the name of the place. At the beginning of Half-Blood Prince, Snape mentions that he is incapable of speaking the name of the place. This is similar information-governing magic to making a region Unplottable. Unplottable locations, such as Hogwarts, cannot be added to a map.

Maps of the interior of an Unplottable region can be made, making something Unplottable only prevents the entire region as a whole from being mapped out in relation to other features.

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