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Here are the ones I know - Disarming (Explliarmus)- Nirastra bhava. Bombarda (It makes a explotion) - loh-bhasmam, Aveda Kedvra-The killing curse - Takshan Marna San('Mrityu Dansham' in book), Crucio-The one which makes the opponent suffer - peditto, Imperio-Gives Control on the opponent - sammohito

"Reducto" to make a blast in hindi it is bangdham, "Stupefy" to make someone stunned in hindi it is Sharpatham,

"Configro" to wave burn in fire in hindi it is Pawakam, "Aquamenti" to make water in hindi it is Neer prakatam,

"Expecto Patronum" it's Creates Patronus to Hindi it's Pitrdev Sanrakshanam,

"Wingardiam Leviosa" makes an object fly (in hindi too),

"Vulnera senentur" for quick healing the small to big injuries in hindi it's Ruthi avirodham,

Lumos Creates light, usually by making the tip of the wand glow. More light can be created using “lumos maxima”in hindi it is Prakashit bhawa, and ati prakashit bhawha Accio for bringing objects near, in hindi it's aagmano

Alohomora for opening gates in hindi as well

Obliviate Makes a person “oblivious”, erasing their memories of an event

               In Hindi it's Smriti Virupam (vismrito in book)

And remember there ain't no Spell for giving life to the dead professor Dumbledore said in the 4tth part to Harry potter in Harry potter and the Goblet of fire.

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