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No. Harry was able to repair his wand with the Elder Wand because all it did was snap, but basilisk venom is destroying beyond repair. Basilisk venom is so powerful that a single bite can kill in, more or less, a minute. Not even the Elder Wand can repair it.The only cure for basilisk venom is phoenix tears,which saved Harry from dying in the Chamber of Secrets.

i sort of agree. i think the elder wand would be able to repair the wand, but just the wand. in other words, it would repair the wand, and not the part of the soul living inside the wand.

There are other ways to heal a wound from a basilisk, but that's just what happened with Harry. I think that you could repair it with the Elder Wand IF YOU ARE IT'S MASTER. Voldemort was never it's master so he couldn't fix them anyway.

At any rate, this discussion is academic, since no wand was ever a horcrux by Riddle.

Harry was able to use the Elder Wand to repair his Phoenix Feather wand because it would help make him unbeatable, which is the purpose of the Elder Wand; in other words, the Elder Wand "saw" Harry's wand as a broken part of its master and fixed the problem.