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that would be Molly Weasley.

Or possibly Tonks...

Tonks is Sirius' second cousin, daughter of his first cousin, Andromedia. Molly is his second cousin, once removed.

Spellings please 'andromeda' NOT 'andromedia' is pronocing spelling it wrong there by prouncing it an-drom-me-de-a

not an-drom-me-da

I spent hour drawing a family tree from after the battle at hogwarts.

Don't mean to be rude.This is a question that is answered in the books

(still didn't mean that to be rude!)

and don't forget the andromeda andromedia thing anybody who reads this page. cheers A trying not too rude randomer hp fan

In the fifth book, Sirius says that Arthur Weasley is his "second cousin once removed."

Because Molly Weasley was,before she got married with Arthur, her last name was Prewett.

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